About Me

I call myself a software designer because I focus on creating and improving products accessed in digital space through a variety of devices. I’m interested in the intersection of technology and entertainment and the ethical considerations the people who create and enjoy in this space must navigate.
Here are in-house roles I've had over the past few years


I currently work on improving the Preview experience for people opening videos, PDFs, and more stored in Dropbox. Previously I led design for multi-product onboarding and activation experiences, focusing on rapid experimentation.

Senior Product Designer
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Current role



At Zillow I focused on experimentation features aimed at improving the way renters find their next home. I advocated for reducing the amount of personal information shared with landlords and increasing transparency in total rental costs. Notable project: Tour booking.

Senior Product Designer


During my tenure, I developed long-term strategies for products focusing on personalization. I built features across web and TV platforms while specializing in mobile design. I established collaborative frameworks and co-founded a responsible innovation lab that nurtured design-led initiatives. Notable projects include: Downloads, recommendation improvements, and parental controls.

Senior Product Designer