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Launched May 2021
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I worked on several projects at Hulu where I identified risks for parents, account holders, and children using Hulu. I partnered with engineering, product, and customer support to instrument and monitor negative impacts to our viewers. I worked with a customer support specialist to identify trends and financial impact of known issues that had a high contact volume from customers and strong negative sentiment across social media. Taking this data, I crafted a narrative and pitched a set of features to company leadership that could address the negative experience for users as well as reduce the financial burden to the company caused by customer support hours and concession to angry viewers.

Once I had support for the initiative, I worked with a product manager to build a timeline for the feature set. I led two two designers as we built out designs for a north star and eventually a version one of parental controls. I consulted with a team working on account management to replicate the in-app feature set of parental controls to prevent unauthorized purchases and strengthen account security. We rolled out the first set of features across mobile, TV, and web platforms.


  • I initiated and coordinated a feature set that involved collaboration and building support across business units
  • The initial feature launch brought parity with competitor streaming services and alignment with strategic goals set by The Walt Disney Company
  • We achieved a significant reduction in customer support calls and concessions made due to unrestricted account and content access.

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