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2 months
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Completed December 2021
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Zillow is a US-based company that aggregates real estate listings and offers search, application, and payment services for people looking to rent a home. After diving into research to understand renter frustrations, I worked with a PM to develop a two part strategy on improving the most frustrating experience for renters on Zillow’s platform: scheduling tours.

The first part focused on reducing the amount of information provided to landlords to limit opportunities for discrimination minimize the up front power imbalance between renters and landlords. Landlords wanted potential applicants to provide lots of information before requesting a tour that revealed personal details and opened up opportunity for unconscious biases. We also discovered that the information requested didn’t really help anyone in the transactions because it prevented some future tenants from applying at all and landlords didn’t trust self-reported details about things like income and credit score. I was successful for getting the reduction down to name, phone, and email.

The second part of this effort aimed to streamline tour booking by allowing renters to choose from open time slots to schedule a tour instantly.


  • Coordinated large-scale research efforts in partnership with a user researcher
  • Developed a design strategy and obtained buy-in from multiple stakeholders
  • Designed several new components and interaction patterns in the context of an existing design system.
  • Saw a significant lift in percentage of people booking a tour after viewing a rental listing

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